いくつもの助けて 傷えぐられて 行き場を失った

I care for you and helped.

But you betrayed me easily.

I will live only for myself anymore.

もうどうでもいいと 争って生きて 大切な人さえも 傷つけた

消えない自己嫌悪ばかりで もう終わりにしようと


How do I live.

How can I be happy.

How can I avoid hurting you?

目が覚めた僕の横にあなた 手の温もり ずっといてくれたんだね

I was misunderstanding that I was a victim

I do not know what I want to do

Idid not notice the existence of the person who thought of me.

I am weak.

I want to become strong.


I will help when you need help.

But now I have no power to help you.

I want to be strong to help you when you need me.

To proted you